Intervibew with a famous football player

Interview with a famous football player

Anna- hi Neymar


Anna – can you tell me about your day in your life

Neymar -yeah sure

Anna – So what time do you get up

Neymar -oh i get up very early i get up every day at 6 o clock then i going to play soccer to 7 o clock to 10 o clock

Anna – you get up at 6 o clock? Wow that early

Neymar -Yeah then 10 o clock I have a shower i get dressed i have breakfast i have a big breakfast. Pizza, burger, bacon,maaza juice.

Anna – what do you do after breakfast

Neymar -11 o clock l go to school and teacher teaching me to how play best soccer.

Anna – what you do after classes

Neymar – i have lunch at 3 o clock and go to café and miss my friend

Anna -what you do after lunch

Neymar – I go home at 8 o clock i have a dinner and watch TV online

Anna- when do you go to bed

Neymar -I go to bed at 12 o clock

Anna – thanks Neymar that good day

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